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Why Contractors Need eSign

Adopting an eSign tool for contract processing allows construction businesses to increase their efficiency and profitability. By now, most people have become familiar with the idea of approving and signing documents electronically. However, TRUE’s eSignature tool allows contractors to email proposals, changes orders, and other key documents to stakeholders directly so that they can review and sign them from anywhere in real-time. This is not only a popular feature but a necessary one when competing in today’s market. For any construction business, it is essential that the approval processed be clear to everyone involved. When the projects can be worth millions of dollars, everything should be crystal clear to everyone. TRUE was designed with the tools to help contractors be successful in every aspect of their construction projects.

The benefits of utilizing TRUE’s eSign tool, include:

Professional Appearance

First impressions are everything and it is important to start the relationships with potential clients on the right foot. During the bid process, your organization and professionalism should set the standard for the customer and how you will handle their business.


By using construction management software with an eSign tool, like TRUE, customers are able to review documents, request changes or approve and sign it within the app. Immediately after the signing, both signers are sent the signed copy of the document. This way there are no misunderstandings about what was approved and what needs to be done.


No more paper being shuffled around and no more delays because the necessary paperwork is not properly filled out or wasn’t filed correctly. Once the document is signed, you don’t have to worry about storing the paper copy or scanning it. TRUE automatically stores it in the Documents & Images module of your solution to reference whenever you need to. With TRUE, you are able to entering standard terms and conditions into the system to auto populate into the appropriate documents, streamlining the document generation process. You can then take the information from the quote or contract into a plan to track your job or bill your customer knowing that the invoice will reflect the terms of the agreement. This is ideal if you have multiple people in the office involved in the bidding/billing process.


Disputes around jobs are a serious issue. You want to avoid them by all means and having a signed document with the terms of the agreement can be a life saver. In both the US and Canada, e-signatures have the same validity as paper signatures. We would argue that they are even stronger: you have an email trail of the document being sent to the customer and signed back, and we store additional information on our end about this transaction in case you ever need it. eSignatures are legally recognized as legitimate forms of signature, and oftentimes are even more secure than paper and pen. Most reputable eSignature services also provide legal assistance if a dispute arises over the legitimacy of a signature, so sign away, knowing you are covered.  Using a time stamped eSignature with location accuracy eliminates the worry for potential forgery or dispute.


In construction, paper can be easily damaged or lost, and signatures can be forged, smudged, or missed completely. When your signed contracts are stored in the cloud, documents cannot be lost, and your office staff has real-time access to completed files, giving them a jumpstart on file processing.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers expect fast, safe and accurate contract documentation. Once your electronic contract has been ratified by both parties, all parties will receive a copy of the signed, legal documentation.  Having immediate access to their own electronic copy for insurance or personal use is a convenience they will appreciate, and expect.

We’ve worked with thousands of contractors over the years and the best ones always have a high level of organization around their contracts. Do not wait until it’s too late to get organized. Start today with your free trial by going to

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