Job Management: A Lesson in Time Management

When your team is managing a job how many places do you have to look to review its progress, track active tasks, calculate total labor time, or approve related expenses? Do you and your team find yourselves sifting through papers, inboxes, and multiple software solutions just to confirm you’re progressing as planned?

All of this equals valuable minutes, hours, and days of simply hunting for information you already have. Valuable time that translates into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars that could be better spent on machinery updates and new fleet additions. But how do you transition your business to cut the search time costs?

Since time travel isn’t an option…yet… here at TRUE we like to break things down into three basic components

  1. Information Collection
  2. Information Processing
  3. Information Availability

Information Collection

How is data, updates, and communication being filtered into your company? Do you use time cards that are filled out by your field foreman who email them to your HR department for processing? How do your vendors and clients contact you? Identifying these channels are key to finding those lost hours in your job management process.

Within TRUE your employees can clock-in from the job-site to the appropriate job and they will appear automatically in that project’s job record. The same goes for task and job expenses; the information can go straight from the employee’s device to the job.



Information Processing

Now, once you have the information, what does your team have to do to make it visible to everyone else? Are large portions of data tracking reliant on a single employee tracking one aspect of the job and reporting it to everyone else?

Every individual on your team may be responsible for one or more aspects of a job. Use that to your advantage. Have clearly defined processing roles so every team member knows what to do during every stage of a job.

TRUE will take you through clearly defined processing paths to ensure every piece of information is accounted for. Directly assign equipment, products, services, personnel, and work tickets to each job. Track tasks, inventory, expenses, and job costing all in one place clearly defined by company, specific categories, and stages.



Information Availability

Finally, where do you go to pull the information you need to present or review with your team? If you are spending time tracking the same information in multiple places, you’re losing precious time!

Have a system in place that eliminates double entry. Within TRUE, once you enter a bill, purchase order, expense, time punch, or payment and then relate it to the desired job, that data appears automatically and is compared will all existing data. Finally have the tool you need to easily see labor costs on a per job basis, balances due, and gross profit. Need a report outlining all currently active jobs and how they are performing? TRUE has it! No double entry, no scrambling 30 minutes before your weekly meeting to quickly calculate your receivables.



Identify your collection, processing and availability to begin to streamline your job management processes. In return, get major cost savings due to your time management savvy!

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