Project Management: Stuffed With Features

The holiday season brings more than just food. It signifies the close of the year which means you have to decide how you are going to make the next year even better! When you get down to the nitty-gritty, project management is the glue that holds your organization in place. You could create a detailed project record, but if no one is taking the time to maintain current communications and update documentation, tasks start falling through the cracks.

Project Management Made Easy

Your contracts are constantly changing. Whether it is the amount of total labor hours worked on the jobsite or a renegotiation of contract terms. Managing these changes properly allows your team to review all the details of a current contract at a moment’s notice. You have to know where you are before you can get directions to where you’re going.

Contract vs. Job

Within TRUE, the first step is deciding if your new project is a contract or a job. If you’re in the service industry, job management is where you will live and breath. However, if you are operating under an awarded bid, contract management will be your go-to workflow. Correctly categorizing your projects will ensure you are only tracking information that is critical to your workflow.

Live Up-to-Date Project Details

On any given day within the TRUE Contracts Module you can review live up-to-date data on estimated versus actual labor hours, job costing, purchased job materials, active transmittals and submittals, assigned materials, daily reports, subcontractor details, payments, and so much more. All of your data, in one solution, to make finding the information you need easier.

Take Your Project To The Next Level

When you have all of your information in one place, where and how do you manage changes? Be sure all of your subcontractors, vendors, and employees are on the same page with TRUE, an effective project management tool.


The repository module keeps all of your contract communications (RFI’s, transmittals, submittals) in one easy-to-find location. Track these changes as well as milestones, new tasks, and jobsite weather.

Individualized Alerts

Once information is added to a contract in TRUE, alerts are fired to all individuals assigned to the project. Activity records are created to be referenced at any time, directly from the project record. Your team will be up-to-date from the time they clock-in to the time they drive off the jobsite, with no extra communication required!

New Year, New Software

Contracts are managed when everyone is on the same page. The easiest way to get everyone on the same page is to stay organized, and have a plan in place. Begin your year right, with TRUE.

TRUE allows your whole business to run from one solution. One login, and all of your opportunities, bids, contracts, work tickets, and time clock data is at your fingertips. Manage your projects better today with TRUE.

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