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Common Daily Construction Reporting Mistakes Crews Make

Construction daily reports are filled with valuable information project managers can use for insight into operations. Unfortunately, in most situations daily construction reporting is done manually through various, difficult to track paper methods making them impossible to properly utilize the information. In addition to using difficult means for daily construction reporting, there are a number of mistakes crews make when creating construction daily reports. In an effort to make daily construction reporting as simple as possible for our friends in the construction industry, we have compiled this list of the most common mistakes to avoid with daily reports. For those construction professionals looking to take their daily reports to the next level, the TRUE Field Application will take care of all of your daily construction report requirements.

No Daily Reports

The absolute biggest mistake any construction project team can make is to not use daily reports. Creating daily reporting easy and adoptable with a mobile application ensures team members can report critical information in the field. Workers do not need to get back to the office after a long day in the field to complete their reports. They can report in real-time from the jobsite.

Lack of Documentation

When conducting construction daily reports, it is vital that everything encountered on the job is documented. From delays, to deliveries, change orders, and even weather, it is important to document every detail.

An easy way to ensure your team documents jobs sufficiently is to utilize a mobile solution that allows employees to report directly from the field. TRUE Field is a great answer to this problem because it walks each user through the six (6) steps of creating a construction daily report and generates a PDF directly from the application that can be sent via email to the key stakeholders.

Inaccurate Information

A huge mistake in daily reporting is including mistakes, incorrect details, or omitting important facts altogether. It’s important to not only document all project details, but also make sure they are documented correctly and accurately.

Using a mobile solution ensures that the details being reported are accurate. In many cases, workers have to wait hours to update reports and by the time they have the chance to fill out the information, they have forgotten a piece of the report or the report entirely. However, when teams can create reports on the spot, directly from the field, the information is at their fingertips the moment it is entered.

Credibility Issues

If your reports are not credible, you might as well not have a report. Credibility is what gives the document merit. In order to ensure credibility in your reporting is to have a third-party verified official records of the project. This means having reports stamped with times and GPS locations that create an irrefutable record of events. TRUE Field even includes weather reports showing project conditions from the day. Not only are handwritten notes difficult to take from the field, they can also be imprecise and outdated, which isn’t of much use to anyone.

TRUE Field  is the solution for companies who want to to maximize their profit potential while avoiding the many pitfalls that have plagued contractors in the past. Built specifically for the construction industry, TRUE Field offers a clean, intuitive mobile interface. Even the most technology-averse foremen and superintendents find it easy to use. For more information about TRUE Field, click here. 

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