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Solving Common Construction Problems with Contractor Software

Contractors across the board seem to face same reoccurring problems on projects. Whether you are a one-man painting contractor, a small remodel business, or a general contractor with 20-years of industry experience, these construction problems have most likely impacted you at one time or another. Here are the solutions contractors have been looking for to the biggest construction challenges and how contractor software can help.

Communication Errors

When a project goes awry, it is most often due to a breakdown in communication. According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of adult Americans own smartphones, making technology a fantastic way to combat communication problems. By using email, text messages, and contractor software, like TRUE, contractors can get information instantaneously to all workers on the project in real time.


Scheduling can be tricky for even the most seasoned construction professional. Once again, construction technology is providing a solution for this common problem. Project management software like TRUE, that you can access from a desktop, your smartphone or tablet allows you to visually map out a project timeline. TRUE Contractor Software allows you to minimize miscommunications with automated scheduling. TRUE also checks for consistency and will not allow you to schedule workers if they are unavailable.

Unreliable Labor

Many contractors have problems finding reliable subs for jobs and with a lack of skilled workers in construction, you have to make the best of what you have. Using a construction project management software like TRUE, you are able to hold your subcontractors and crews accountable. Within TRUE, firms are able to track GPS locations of time clock punches, monitor daily construction reports, create punch lists, closeout lists and much more.

Document Management

Contracts, change orders, materials orders, receipts, invoices, certificates of insurance, the list of paperwork goes on and on. It’s time to go paperless. A digital solution, like TRUE, can help you track documents, organize projects, and monitor transactions all in one program. When it comes time for your closeout list, everything will be ready to go.

Technology is undeniably improving the lives of contractors in all areas of construction and field service. Implementing a fully integrated and automated construction software solution helps contractors and construction firms become more efficient and streamline business processes. If your business is experiencing a lack of organization, a decline in productivity, or if you need to increase profit margins, it may be time to consider TRUE Construction Management Software.

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