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Time to Invest in Construction Management Software

Every contractor knows that as the construction world continues to grow and evolve, projects are also growing in complexity. In the last few years, the construction industry has made huge strides in the utilization of technology; from innovations in tools and building materials to the development of smart buildings and green building techniques. At the rate the industry is making advancements, many contractors are struggling to keep up. For contractors who have become overwhelmed by all of the workflows involved in running a business and managing projects, it is time to try adding technology to your toolbox. DocuWrx has compiled a list of a few ways to know if construction management software might be the solution to the challenges your business faces:

Inaccessible Information

Do you ever find yourself digging through a mountain of paperwork to find a missing invoice, or calling your office staff to pull up a contract for information you need on a jobsite? If you are struggling with how to successfully organize your documents while uniting your office and field operations, you might want to look into project management and ERP solutions.

Fortunately, DocuWrx offers an all-in-one solution, TRUE, to cover all of your project management and operations needs.  The document management module in TRUE allows users to access files, paperwork, contracts, photos, etc. from anywhere and on any type of device. This means if you or someone on your team finds an error, or something that needs to be changed, you can log into TRUE from your smartphone or tablet and make important updates instantly from the office, the jobsite, or on the road.

Communication Errors

Every construction project requires a high degree of coordination between various individuals. It may seem obvious but inadequate communication can lead to delays, missed deadlines, and increased costs.

Construction management software makes collaboration faster, smoother and much easier by allowing team members to access project files, instantly communicate any issues, and take action in real-time.

Delays with RFIs

Requests for Information, or RFIs, are one of the most important and useful processes in today’s construction projects. RFIs can help your project run smoothly by offering clarification on important questions as the general contractor or as a subcontractor on a project. However, they can take weeks, or even months, to process; which can cause expensive delays and cost overruns. In most cases, older systems are not robust to handle the problems that can come with managing RFIs.

By implementing construction management software for your business, it will allow you to better track all of your RFIs, store them in an easy to use database, and allow you and others to access, view, and answer RFIs by email. With TRUE, you are even able to use email capture to track these email communications.

Painful Budgeting and Accounting

Many contractors end up spending hours upon hours crunching numbers, searching for deductions, sorting through invoices, and struggling with taxes and union dues. If this sounds familiar, construction management software like TRUE will make your life a whole lot easier and significantly shorten your work day.

TRUE allows users to track costs and budget in real time, while seamlessly interfacing with accounting systems like Quickbooks, Xero and our very own, TRUE Accounting. The integration between these systems not only allows users to take advantage of the key features of their accounting system, but also enables you to manage your payroll, set reminders for incoming and outgoing payments, and even generate accurate estimates for potential future projects.

Your Current System Isn’t Enough

For many contractors, their current method “works and has been working for years”. In these situations, it is easy to get stuck in our ways and develop the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. If you’re still getting by using paper methods or using an older, less comprehensive system, you might not see any reason to upgrade. After all, you’ve invested money in the system, valuable time in learning it and training your team to use it. But even if it is getting the job done, is it getting the job done as efficiently as you’d like?

If you find yourself relating to these situations and frustrated with constantly doing extra work to complete a simple task, it’s time to take a look at TRUE.

Adopting new software requires an investment of time and money to purchase the software and train your team, but the good news is with the incredible range of time and money-saving benefits TRUE offers, it will be more than worth it in the long run. Eventually, everyone is going to need to switch over to using management software to cut down on delays and boost overall efficiency, and those who refuse to get with the times might risk being left behind, unable to compete.

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