eSign: Digitally Sign Quotes and Proposals

Work only occurs when both parties sign on the dotted line – so how do you make sure you’re the top pick?

Implementing eSign (electronic forms and digital signatures) into your workflow will instantly improve your sales team’s close ratio by allowing your customers to digitally sign quotes and proposals whether you’re in person, or with a click of the mouse on your customer’s computer.

“Old School” Workflow

First of all, you know the drill and it’s cumbersome:

  1. Create a quote/proposal and save it as a PDF.
  2. Email the quote/proposal to your customer and ask them to sign and return it.
  3. Customer has to open the PDF, print it, sign it, scan it, reattach it to a reply to your email and send it back to you.

The problem is, just like you, your customer is busy. They might delay, forget, have terrible scanning skills, or just ask you to proceed without signing it.

TRUE eSign Workflow

In contrast, with TRUE, closing a sale is so much easier with eSign:

  1. Create a quote/proposal fully within TRUE.  If the client is there with you, they can sign on your tablet and you’re done.
  2. Otherwise, within TRUE, simply email your quote/proposal to your customer.
  3. Customer clicks on a link within the email, sees your quote/proposal, accepts your terms, and digitally signs right on their screen.  They can save a PDF of the signed document, email it, or print it for their records. You receive an alert within TRUE immediately that it was signed.  You’re done. It’s that easy!

eSign with TRUE comes standard

Most noteworthy, no matter which version of TRUE you’re using, your staff can easily send out quotes/proposals for digital signatures effortlessly.

Want to learn more about the eSign features TRUE has to offer? Contact us today!

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